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Book an appointment with Celebrity Life and Business Coach. Attend his one hour world class life transforming mentoring session.

His fee is designed after checking your IQ, EQ. He checks: how do you use your body, your mind, Your emotions, Your self esteem. He checks your passion level, your convictions, your determination level, your strategy, your energy level, your values & communication. After watching & listening to you, he detects your exact talents, skills, knowledge, modus operandi & your perceptions.
He diagnoses people more faster than anyone does in Asia and probably in the world. He has different strokes for different folks.
No one knows how much will he charge for you? – but everyone knows he transforms people’s lives very fast. He is conducting his mentoring session in Five star hotels in CP like Le Meridian and The PARK. He conducts his class in Delhi, Near Gurgaon, Near airport, at five star hotels, in Mumbai & in Bangalore.

His mentoring session is world class and the best in Asia.

Important question to be asked before registering for mentoring session.

# What is the cost of Break Through Session?
# What is the cost of complete turn around ?
# What is the cost of ultimate pain ?
# What would happen if you carry the pain for long time ?
# What is the price of overcoming the pain within no time ?
# Would you like to get yourself operated without getting diagnosed?

Therefore, Attend his world class mentoring session,
if you want to transform your complete life.

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