• Do people misunderstand when you speak English?
  • Do people often ask you to repeat what you said?
  • Do you feel stupid or embarrassed when speaking English?
  • Do you have problems with specific sounds in English?

In a country like India where most of the MNCs are based out of USA, speaking with an American Accent has become a necessity. You might have an excellent product or service but if you can't communicate it's value in a clear, confident manner, you will not be making any sales.

Apart from the corporate world, the need to learn american accent is also very much important for the international students seeking higher education or for job aspirants looking for overseas job opportunities.

If you want to change/improve your accent to an American Accent, you have to practice that deliberately. but how will you know that you are practicing correctly?

For this you need an expert who can help you to practice and do corrections wherever needed.

For this we have a Master Trainer - Mr. S A Anand. His training sessions will teach you how to speak American English in a way that your colleagues will respect and understand. Our trained professionals who have worked with Mr. Anand have told us all the time.

Mr. Anand would be honored to help you improve your American Accent.

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